BBC – Adam Curtis Blog

BBC – Adam Curtis Blog.


New Statesman – “Adam Curtis believed that 200,000 Guardian readers watching BBC2 could change the world…”

New Statesman – "Adam Curtis believed that 200,000 Guardian readers watching BBC2 could change the world…".

Interactive Map Displays Global Population Densities – How-To Geek

Interactive Map Displays Global Population Densities

This interactive population density maps makes it easy to see where the high density pockets of humanity exist around the world. Slide from 5 people per square mile to 500 and watch the map melt away.

Courtesy of designer Derek Watkins, the map makes it dead simple to visualize the pockets of high-density human populations around the world. Hit up the link below to try the map out or read his blog entry on the map to learn more about how he constructed it.

Derek Watkins’ Density Map [via Flowing Data]

via Interactive Map Displays Global Population Densities – How-To Geek.

the colours


His use of colours is  commendable. He uses the full palette. No monochrome nonsense in his art. Every colour is touched, always appropriately , never excessively. They way the colours gel together is worthy of much appreciation. They are a delight to the eye of the beholder.

He is a master of colour composition, trying to rejuvenate each cover with a different shade, a different end of the spectrum.

He is like a culinary genius or a musical maestro, each choosing various ingredients of their chosen art to create and compose a mixture that soothes, teases and entices the senses.

(thanks Docmo)

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There are some tunes, some designs, some pictures about which I feel – something like this must have existed – these works by Nielly arouse the same feeling…

Android Apps on Google Play

Android Apps on Google Play.

The first thing i did today, as I do almost everyday, was to open Google. Two things amazed me one by one. First was the Google Doodle celebrating the 126th birthday of German born maverick architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The Doodle depicts his masterpiece in steel and glass – the Crown Hall at Illinois Institute of Technology housing its College of Architecture. As all great artists Mies disseminated simplicity through his creations. To my liking, he was a minimalist.

And the other was the link to ‘Google play‘ – a place where you can play the android apps already popular on mobile devices – on the Google homepage bar. Seems Google is not going to loose the steam on ‘android’ any where soon to windows 8 (Symbian already succumbed to Google’s Android).

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